Utkal faculty members are not only great teachers, but great learners as well.

Each teacher is part of a professional learning community of practice where they work with one another, learning specialists and administrators to learn and use ever more effective and useful teaching and learning strategies and hone their understanding of principles of pedagogy and good practice.

Teachers at Utkal work closely with each student to understand their learning style and adapt assignments and projects to complement that student’s individual strengths.

Perhaps most importantly, the student-teacher relationship — one of support, encouragement, and adaptability in learning — fosters feelings of success and confidence to approach learning challenges head-on.

Faculty Profile

All Utkal International School teachers are:

  • State-certified educators with the minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Selected based on experience, demonstrated skills, and commitment to continuous professional development.
  • Provided with comprehensive professional development in the instructional methods used at Utkal International School.
  • Expected to collaborate with staff psychologists and speech and language pathologists to maximize success for their students.
  • Encouraged to obtain advanced degrees and participate in professional development conferences related to the field of learning differences and attention deficit disorders.

For students whose learning differences prevent them from achieving success in a traditional classroom environment, technology levels the playing field.

As such, technology at Utkal is embedded and integrated into the learning and teaching that takes place each day. The use of assistive technology and an array of other ever-present tools help bridge deficits in executive function and language processing and allow students to learn and explore in a manner consistent with their skills and interests.

Technology is changing, evolving and growing at a startling pace in our society. At Utkal International School, it is our intention to stay on the forefront of technology by providing students, faculty, administration and support staff access to a wide variety of hardware and software resources that improve student learning and communication.