Mission Vision


Teach students using diverse learning strategies, to ignite their potential, and inspire academic, personal and social success.

Guiding Principles

  • The academic, social and emotional needs of our students come first.
  • Respect and acceptance for self and others form the foundation of our school. We aspire for all members of our community to value and celebrate the many aspects of individual identity and human diversity.
  • We value excellence and honest self-assessment in everything we do.
  • We believe learning is a journey in which obstacles can become opportunities for growth, and direction is more important than distance.
  • We encourage students to own their academic and social strengths and challenges, and practice self-advocacy without arrogance or apology.
  • We replace discouragement with hope by creating a structured, systematic and supportive learning environment where students begin to fulfil their academic and social aspirations.
  • We recognize that a clearly articulated, school-wide affective (social and emotional) curriculum is as important as academics.
  • We design our programs and policies using evidence-based practices, research and self-evaluation.
  • We seek collaboration and welcome partnership to advance the field of education.
  • We are committed to reframing the conversation about education: how students learn, how families are engaged, and how the global community views the acquisition of knowledge.

Our Vision

One day all students who learn differently will have the opportunity, encouragement and resources to fulfil their potential and benefit society.