Sports Facilities

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School sports facilities are used to deliver the formal curriculum, increase participation levels and provide facilities for the wider community. Managing, and where possible, developing school sports facilities forms a specialist area within the premises management function and generally covers the following areas: planning maintenance, handling budgets and finance, and dealing with new capital development.

This topic covers the provision of school sports facilities, resources and equipment. Related material on the organisation and running of school sports can be found in the School Sports and Sporting Achievement topic.
<li>To support sporting activities, including competitive games and play, schools of all types and sizes will need access to outside spaces. Outdoor Space for Sports</li>
<li>There should be a planned and costed programme of maintenance for sports facilities. Maintenance</li>
<li>A balance needs to be struck between providing a safe environment and attempting to remove all risk from competitive sport. Health and Safety Issues</li>
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