Spoken English Campus

Making students speak more English in the classroom is not only a matter of “forcing” them to speak. This demands good preparation of proper material and implementation must be progressive and systematic which demands more teacher’s workload. I mean, lots of those teachers who learned what and how to do in the classroom, as a teacher, simply don’t do as they are supposed to. They seem as though they don’t like to work much. No way! Teachers need to work much so they accomplish the tearcher’s role.

A few tips for teachers in general: 1) reduce your TTT (Teacher Talking Time) in the classroom, by giving simple and clear instructions, by asking one or two students to show (by means of speaking) that they understood the task instructions, and also by asking other students to answer a student’s question. Being a teacher of English is different from being a lecturer. 2) Increase STT (Student Talking Time), again, by asking other students to answer a student’s question, by showing pictures related to the topic of the class and, without saying a single word, eliciting students’ participation. 3) avoiding yes/no questions; prefere those questions that make students speak in order to make themselves clear. 4) Attention to your way of correcting students. Sometimes, even when your intention is simply to help a certain student, you may make things even worse to them.